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What does the future of VR mean for graphic distributors?

July 3, 2019July 4, 2019

When people think of graphic design they usually think of the traditional art based – 2d frameworks that we all consider as art. Actually the art world has not changed much from the time Picasso painted his first picture. Sure – we have moved to digital but the majority of digital artists have always been doing the same thing as artists on more traditional mediums – just with more fancy machines.

Then we saw the emergence of 3d landscapes. In fact you will find many websites online where you could buy 3d media. This is not a whole environment but can be something as simple as a chair. You can then take these 3d elements and bring them into envronments to create videos or games.

However we are now moving on to the next step – fully immersive worlds – the world of VR.

Right now there is a big race on for the best type of VR headset system – from Occulus Rift, to Vive HTC to the new Valve headset – the question is not which headset will win eventually – what is more important is how will this change the world of the artist.

From the beginning of time artists have been looking at what their art will have to look like in a 2d landscape – and now everything is different. Even when they were creating 3d artwork it was still technically on a 2d plain screen – but VR changes everything.

We look forward to seeing how this would all look – we would like to be able to assist our artists as we transition to this new world – and we are putting ourselves 100% behind VR and the power that it can bring. You have to keep in mind VR has been around a long time but never this good – and it’s slowly starting to become apparent that VR is more than just some trend – it is here to stay. And the challenges that we will have to face and the new design workflows is something to really start looking at.

Let’s make the new generation happen!